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£12 off at Tesco!

Get £12 off a £60 spend at Tesco groceries for a short time only with our voucher code.

Follow the link below, fill in your order and then enter the code XXMR67 at the checkout.

We know that most students do not spend this on a single shopping trip but you can use this huge saving opportunity in a few ways:

Split it between 2 of you and get a £6 saving each

Spend the money on items that you will use throughout the year

Freeze any shopping that you don’t use

or even stock up on alcohol

Deals on groceries don’t always come around to often so take advantage of this one.

*this deal is for first time users only (but you can use an alternative email address to set up a new account)…

Deal Expires: 10/02/2013

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