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Senderos Naturales

By Josh Hill

Posted: 6th March 2015 11:34

Whether you have a passion for nature observation, cross-country treks through the Andes and Patagonia, diving in the Galapagos Islands and New Guinea, or simply visiting some of the most aesthetically replenishing places that Ecuador has to offer, Senderos Naturales can help you.

Found in the Valley of Cumbaya, near Quito, they offer personalised attention and specialise in travel made to measure for individuals, groups and families to a variety of destinations in Ecuador.

A taste of some of the activities you can do with Senderos Naturales:


Ranked as one of the “Top Ten” diving destinations worldwide, the Galapagos Islands offer an experience like nowhere else on Earth.  You will have the opportunity to see whale sharks and schools of hammer head sharks, share your dives with playful sea lions, and become a part of the environment next to sunfish, manta rays, turtles; as well as an infinity of invertebrate species.  They also organise dive trips in mainland Ecuador, to Machalilla National Park; Costa Rica, the barrier reef of Belize and the islands of Brazil.  Their most recent venture into the world of diving is in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.  The dive trips are usually based on live a boards but the option of daily dive tours may be chosen as well. 

Adventure Travel

Do you wish to explore the rainforest?  Reach the summit of an ice cap mountain in the tropics? Watch humpback whales breaching and courting? Are you seeking for the adventure of a lifetime?

Senderos Naturales offer trekking trips, mountain climbing, biking, kayaking, river rafting and canopy, as well as a huge range and variety of experiences to unforgettable places.

Wherever in OUR Natural world, whatever YOU choose…

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